Old Sow Whirlpool forming in Western Passage

Old Sow Whirlpool

Old Sow Whirlpool Survivors Association

The Few, the Brave, the Swirled!

Over the two centuries of recorded history in the area, Old Sow has been the cause of numerous fatalities. Fortunately, the days of motorized vessels have made encountering Old Sow less trecherous, yet still a hazard to respect.

Anyone who has passed through Old Sow and survived is eligible, for a modest fee, to join the growing elite who have survived the experience! As testimony to the encounter, the survivor will receive a certificate of survival.

The Old Sow Whirlpool Survival Certificate is 8.5" high by 11" wide, with ornate engraved blue certificate borders, and comes in a gold-stamped blue certificate presentation folder.

The Certificate includes:

...and is signed by the Association President.

Survival Certificate Pricing


…Picked up in person

…Mailed to a destination…

…In the US or Canada

…Outside the US & Canada

US $10.00
US $10.00
US $10.00
Postage & Handling

Pay only… 4.00

…regardless of the number of certificates delivered to the same address.

Please Enquire
US $10.00
US $14.00
Please Enquire

To purchase your Old Sow Whirlpool Survivor Certificate, please mail the above information & the delivery address, along with your cheque to:

Delivery in the US & Canada will be around 2 weeks. Other destinations may take longer.

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in the western Bay of Fundy of Maine and New Brunswick.
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